Not all self storage is the same!




Located in central location on bypassEasy Access. Great Visibility with good lighting and enhanced security.
One of only 2 Class A facilities in N. AltaState of Art self storage construction means bays remain dry, well ventilated yet remain dust free.
Individual security alarms on each doorEvery Unit door is alarmed. When you enter your code at the gate your Unit door is disarmed. Means a thief cannot merely rent a unit to gain access to all other units in the facility.
Entire yard pavedClean all weather access. Limits dust entering bays from internal traffic. Insures effective pest control system.
Security cameras on buildingsDay/Night security cameras monitor and record all activity on the site. All movements are backed up to hard drives.
Coded gate entry for each tenantEach customer has his own private code to enter the facility. Corporate clients can allocate different codes to different employees so all entry/exits can be traced to an employee.
Insulated ceilings with vapor barrierMeans water does not drip from ceilings due to condensation.
Standing seam roofs on unitsMeans roofs are waterproof not just water repellent as with the common screw down mechanical roofs.
Rain lips on doors so rain cannot penetrate unitsMeans strong winds and rain cannot drive water under the door into the bay with the 3” lip behind the door. Rain cannot penetrate under the door as it does with a normal residential garage.
Wide drive lanes are wide for easy bay entryAllows easy access for moving trucks and ease of entry into your unit.
Units with extra wide and high doorsAllows for boats or trailers that are extra wide
Main internal roads are south facingDoors face a road that is clear much earlier in the spring.
No delays with on site snow removalWe have our own equipment and do our own snow removal. 24/7 snow removal when needed.
Site well lit at nightSecure and safe for those coming after hours
Professional staff on duty 5 days weekOur office is staffed by knowledgeable staff that can assist your needs. This includes large retail sales component.
We cannot flood – site built on 1% gradeOne of only 2 facilities in Canada built on 1% grade. Even if the City storm water backed up in a major storm the site drains via gravity. We also have catch basins and our own storm water system designed into the plan. Quite simply we cannot flood.
Drop ShippingHave shipments sent to your unit without the need for you to be there. Shipper can enter your unit and drop ship for you.
Holding Keys for EmployeesIf you wish we can hold keys on file for specific employees and any movement in and out is tracked in our system